What COVID-19 has taught us? Written by Adil Shayk

February 1, 202147
How do we think about relationships, human contact and money! I try to shed some light on human Psychology, which comes from a Greek word psyche, meaning “breath, spirit and soul”.


A year on, the city of London, still looks totally deserted from being cosmopolitan to a ghost town! The virus has changed the way of life drastically, to an extent that we humans never imagined! From work, relationships, socialising, exercising to daily life routine, every aspect of life has been severely affected.

The question is, are we living in a denial or can we face the reality? Is this the virus or our attitude costing us lives?

The answer is simple, “we humans hate to be controlled by another “HUMAN” or even by “NATURE“!

Is that the extreme of selfishness in our kind or do we still have good in us?

A short rhyme to define, the most difficult time, in the humankind…

It all started in a little village,
taking the whole world out of its privilege.

With cases surging day by day and death rate touching the sky,
many among us, still think its an imaginary fly!

I still see heavy traffic around,
with groups waiting for a bus, not easy to count!

I am no one to judge, but,
houses have converted into private pubs!

It’s not my experience, that I am claiming from…

Greed took the world upside down,
having a toilet paper, felt like a king of the town!

Shelves started to go empty,
with selfishness found in every country!

Prices went 10 folds,
costing every household!

But still, a little or no lesson learned,
and we humans die to earn!

Not for all, but many understood at all,
we can only survive if we learn to sacrifice and crawl!

While we started to realise our mistakes,
people started clapping to appreciate!

But we still need to stand together, as there is a long way to go…

Relationships, changed from my time to our time:

Each call started to look so precious,
with the elderly passing the most, made us anxious!

Kids started loving bedtime stories again,
with families started to have a meal together, once again!

Emojis started to look worthless,
while we understood the human contact was priceless!

There is still time to learn,
and find a life balance to earn!

Money doesn’t make you rich or happy! Only a soul can lift you up!

From a millionaire to a mechanic…

You still sitting on your couch,
and thinking where to vouch,
with no friend to share,
who loved to care!

Money, fame or private planes,
cannot take your pain!

We still have time to get old mates back again,
and cherish every moment once again!

Please start valuing humanity,
and offer more than a charity!

I finish with tears in my eyes,
and hope we change each other lives……


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I have been gathering every little detail from my daily life and people around me for the past year to write and share my thoughts, how we human treat each other!

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Shayk from London

Subject to copyright: Healing Humans.

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