Gemini Horoscope

MAY 21-JUNE 20

Geminis have a dual nature and therefore seem changeable, sometimes reckless and fickle. Totally flexible and adaptable, they can work at multiple tasks simultaneously but they may lack persistence. These people are curious, clever, sociable, witty and adaptable with good communication skills. They are poor in terms of making quick decisions. They make friends easily and are charming and curious. They may have difficulty making decisions. If they learn to harness their efforts in one area they tend to be very successful. They make great salesmen and can talk you into anything they want to. They are funny and most of them like to dance. Bold with keen understanding of human nature, humane and sympathetic. Remarkable for ingenuity, originality and intellectual ability, capable of grasping situations on spur of moment. Liable to lose from fraud and deception, get providential help,unusual power of adaptability. Gain competence in all mental pursuits. They lack in concentration, determination and quick decision making .

They have natural inclination towards learning and education. They are good in mathematics and statistics. Tend to become experts in mechanical sciences. Business like attitude and have wealth of information in every matter. Many brilliant conversationists, poets, orators, writers, musicians, are born in this sign. They are successful in professions like financial management, accounts, teaching and banking industry. They can become very successful chartered accountants. These people are also known for their variable temperament, restlessness, impatience. Follow two occupations. Can take up new assignments and be successful in them. Suffer continuous misfortune in service. They should avoid talking too much about their tasks and let their actions speak more than their words. They should also avoid getting deeply involved in chitchatting. Their office is likely to be filled with all kinds of phones, computers, fax machines, and various other gadgets. The purpose of their life is to bring people closer, spread information, sponsor businesses, to create solutions, and to teach – so, any career which calls for these qualities would perfectly suit them. They earn honor in society. Obstacles and losses through females. They must be cautious in moving with opposite sex. Interested in philosophy and religion. Weakness for women and adept in winning their affection. Always welcome to any social gathering. Marriage is full of interest and excitement for them.

Liable to suffer from Colds, Bronchitis, T.B. Eosinophilia, Influenza.

Their lucky gem is Emerald.


Your biggest enemy is boredom hence you need a partner who can match your enthusiasm, energy, and lust for discovery. At the same time, they should be highly confident, understand your diversities, and provide you enough space to do your things! Awareness and intellectual stimulation. Versatility, readiness for experimentation and open-mindedness.


Gemini natives are always up for learning new things and are interested in varied areas and topics. Hence, you are versatile and adaptable. You are quick thinkers so you excel in the work environment that is fast-paced. You need a career or job that allows you to do multitasking and working in different areas. Multi-tasking, creativity, communication and negotiation skills, versatility


Your sign governs speech, smell and lungs. It also rules arms, shoulders, lungs, hands, fingers, and nervous system. You tend to suffer from issues related to stress such as anxiety, irritability, mood swings if Mercury is weakly placed in your birth-chart. Your health is mainly affected due to emotional breakdown, confinement, overactivity, and over-thinking.

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